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The Last Disciple: Exile In Ephesus - by Kurt Brouwer

    My Review I am excited to share my recent experience of reading "The Last Disciple: Exile in Ephesus" by Kurt Brouwer. This historical novel is a captivating account of the life of John, the last disciple of Jesus, who after surviving imprisonment, is exiled to Ephesus, a distant city. The book accurately portrays the biblical events and is a wonderful depiction of John's struggle with grief and despair over the destruction of Jerusalem. The author has done an excellent job of portraying John's doubts about his ability to fulfill his mission entrusted by Mary, to write the true gospel account of Christ's life. As John arrives in Ephesus, he finds unexpected allies in Timothy, Priscilla, and Tychicus, who share his passion for spreading the message of God's love. The book highlights the challenges faced by the early church, including opposition from external forces and internal divisions. John's struggles with those pressuring believers to adopt Jewish

Cracklin' Rosie - by Jennifer Lynn Cary

   My Review I recently finished reading "Cracklin' Rosie" by Jennifer Lynn Cary, and I must say that it was a delightful read. The story revolves around Rose Crackinbush D.C., a skilled chiropractor who opens up a modern practice in a new town during the 1970s. The town folks, however, are skeptical about chiropractic medicine, and Rose faces a lot of criticism and discrimination. But with her expertise, she quickly proves them wrong and gains their trust. She is also a kind and compassionate person and often bakes cookies for her patients. Despite her success, Rose gets into a heated rivalry with Brett Shoffner, a family doctor in town who uses humor to help heal his patients. Brett is a dedicated and well-liked doctor in the community, but Rose finds his jokes to be insensitive and often clashes with him. However, as time goes by, their relationship evolves, and they begin to understand each other better. The book is filled with witty dialogues, engaging

A Hope Fulfilled - by April W Gardner

   My Review I recently had the pleasure of reading 'A Hope Fulfilled' by April W. Gardner, and I must say that it was an incredibly wonderful book! The story takes place in Edom and follows the life of Tikvah, a young Hebrew slave. Tikvah has only one dream - to see Jerusalem again, the Holy City she holds so dear.  One day, a Babylonian general and a Jewish liaison arrive at her master's house, and Tikvah overhears them discussing Edom's destruction. She senses that Yahweh, the Almighty, is at work, for there is a prophecy that foretells of His justice to be delivered upon the kingdom. Despite the danger, Tikvah obediently follows the call of service and finds herself in the heart of it all. But she can't help worrying about her future and longs for a promise that she would come out alive on the other side. Overall, I found this book to be a heartfelt and captivating example of biblical fiction. The author's vivid descriptions of the characters a

Mortal Queens - by Victoria McCombs

 My Review As an avid reader, I recently had the pleasure of reading "Mortal Queens" by the talented author Victoria McCombs, and I must say, it was a truly captivating read that left me wanting more. The story takes place on a center island where every year, one lucky girl is chosen to become the next Mortal Queen of the fae, a group of mythical creatures known for their beauty and trickery. While the mortals celebrate the chosen girl, their daughters are never seen again, leaving behind a dark mystery that the fae seem to guard closely. The fae realm is shrouded in eternal night, and their disputes are settled through chess matches, with power being acquired through the most cunning and devious kinds of trickery. Seven elusive kings roam the fae realm, each hiding their faces behind ornate masks and guarding their glass hearts to keep them from shattering. However, beyond the veil of this luxurious paradise, a dark secret simmers, for their Queens have disappeared without a

When Legends Rise - by Daphne Self

     My Review I had the pleasure of reading "When Legends Rise" by the talented author Daphne Self, and I must say, it was an incredibly intriguing book. The story follows the journey of Juliet 7-A, who was once the most elite assassin for the Global Federated Territories. He was genetically altered, designed to kill, and trained to eradicate until he became more. However, after an unexpected ambush, he was deemed beyond salvaging and was scheduled for decommission. In order to survive, Juliet must take on a new identity and search for his only friend who defected and deserted him. He soon learns that the same people he once hunted are now the ones who will save him, but it comes at a price that demands much of him. The book is packed with action, suspense, and a thrilling plot that will keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. The writing style is incredible, and the characters are emotionally attaching, making it easy for readers to get lost in the story. I

Labor of Love - by Maguerite Martin Gray

   My Review Labor of Love, a captivating audiobook by Marguerite Martin Gray, tells the story of Ana Geovani, who has spent eight years as a companion to her cousins in the Medici household. Despite her long-standing service, Ana still grapples with questions about her role and place in the household. Her fears escalate as her cousin's marriage approaches, and a marriage is arranged for Ana without her consent, leaving her feeling helpless and disheartened. Even the beauty of the palace gardens, which she holds dear, fails to lift her spirits. Meanwhile, Marco Rossi, the newest under-gardener at the palace, has always dreamed of mastering the art of gardening and learning from the best architects and gardeners. However, his peace of mind is threatened by a secret mission that could jeopardize his position and even his love for Ana. Despite his faith in God and his belief in a bigger plan, the potential consequences of challenging a Medici member weigh heavily on him. As the desire